Are you like me and


hate brussel sprouts??

Where you forced to eat them as a child? Even now the smell of one cooking can make me feel sick.

I’m a vegetarian and l love my greens, but, this is one that l have avoided for years; until now. I currently have a deal with my doctor. My iron levels are getting very close to a low level and l am adamant that l will not take tablets. So l have 3 months to raise the level by natural means, i.e. diet.

I love cabbage and kale and eat it all over winter in stews, not a great fan of kale in salads. I will use all the dark green and purple salad leaves and wanted another green to use. That’s when l decided to try a brussel sprout raw. I picked the smallest one l could find and only bought 1 and then only used half. Keeping it raw and cut very finely l put it with the other greens.


Can you spot them in the mix, neither could l and once everything else was added couldn’t see or taste them at all.


Yay, drown it out with other flavours and l can eat them anytime.

I make a lot of salads and they always start with the same 3 ingredients; greens, seeds and nuts using lemon juice as a dressing. Salads need to be crunchy, l think and l will add whatever else l feel like. The other half of brussel sprout will be used tonight as a part of a four bean mix salad, along with lots of other delicious things.

So, now if l’m asked about brussel sprouts l’m going to shout to the world that yes l do, l love them raw.

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