Carrum & Patterson Lakes

I last had a holiday in 2007. I’m not complaining, just stating a fact; life and finances change. I’m busy saving for a trip l want to take next year, but, still remain interested in the world. While l’m saving l’m doing day trips in my own city, Melbourne.

Melbourne is a big city in population and area. We recently ticked over to 5 million residents and there are suburbs l have never been to. I had a day free last week and set off to Carrum.

I started in Frankston and hopped on the 833 bus to Carrum( I don’t drive so all my transport is done by public transport). It turned out to be a magical mystery ride. I saw beautiful gum lined streets, horses, went past a native nursery and saw some pretty grand houses along the way.

I got off the bus at the Patterson Lakes Shops and started walking. Patterson Lakes is a canal suburb within Carrum. Guess what my favourite tree is,


Palm trees everywhere and ferns, love ferns,


flowers and bottle brushes coming into bloom.IMAG0524

I started walking towards Carrum station loving all the nature around me. It was an overcast day, but, nothing could spoil my mood. This is the Patterson River looking towards Frankston,


some fancy looking houses and boats. There were birds on the wires,


all in all a pleasant time despite the grey skies.

Before getting the train back to Frankston l looked inside a small op shop,


and guess what l found??


a J.D Robb book l haven’t read and bought for 50cents.

What a great afternoon. I love getting out and exploring new areas and have more trips planned in the coming months. I may even just jump on a bus and see where it takes me.

Who else loves exploring like me?

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