Rock of Ages


Love, love, love musical theatre. I see maybe 2 big shows a year and the rest of the time l stick to community theatre out in the suburban theatres.

On Saturday night l went to see Rock of Ages at the wonderful Cardinia Cultural Centre in Pakenham. Look what greeted us as we arrived.


Don’t they look amazing against the black sky. The colours change and it was a lovely surprise.

CPAC will be thrilled knowing that every show is a sell out. Community theatre can be hit and miss with some of the bigger companies being able to put on bigger and better shows. I had resisted seeing Rock of Ages as the show didn’t appeal to me, and, having seen it on Saturday l can say that l didn’t like it; the storyline was weak and l didn’t like the music. I won’t see it again.

Of course, that takes nothing away from the performers and musicians of CPAC. Overall the singing was good and, for the first time, the dancing was excellent. Some of the stand out performers were Stephanie Haigh as Sherrie, Scott Hili as Lonny Barnett, Joel Norman-Hade as Stacee, Michal Barron as Franz Klinneman and Kaylie Walker as Regina. The whole production was done with great energy and the crowd were very appreciative of their efforts.

This is an example of affordable theatre and l will always support, and promote, community theatre. I’ve seen a lot of shows this year and most have been just as good as the big budget productions. Most of the stage performers are not paid and do this for the love of it.


This is Tristan Cullinan-Smayle. In his day to day life he is a chef and he received no money for his excellent performance of Hertz Klinneman. Many thanks to Tristan and all the other community performers making musical theatre that l can afford to see.

If you love live theatre can l please implore you to check out your local theatre scene. The arts are thriving in the outer suburbs of Melbourne and that can only be good for the community. I may not always like the story, but, l can honestly say l have never seen a bad show and have been genuinely surprised at times. I saw an excellent The Little Mermaid performed by PLOS at the start of the year and thought it brilliant, didn’t think it could be topped. Then l saw the PLOS production of The Phantom of the Opera a few months ago and l, along with the rest of the audience, gave them a standing ovation.

I love community theatre and have sung along with many a show tune. Please, please check out your local area. PLOS perform at The Frankston Arts Centre which is an outer suburb and they are brilliant.

I will be doing more posts about the arts as this is one of my great loves. Travel is another and l will talking about my latest day trip on Wednesday:)

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