Why l love life

I don’t have much money, but, l love life. I get out and about and have many interests like nature,


what an unusual looking flower.

I love the arts, especially musical theatre,

IMAG0432 (2)

loved, loved this production.

I love reading, books, libraries and bookshops,


IMAG0445 (2)

love, love, love J. D Robb books.

I love simple living and l’m frugal by nature and necessity. Also being single use plastic free and zero waste l make most of what l use,


This is how l shop, with my own glass containers.

I love Melbourne weather, it’s never boring,


It’s been a cold winter and l’m dreaming of summer.


These are my hearing aids. Despite being told over and over that l’m too young for aids l finally had a great audiologist test me and recognise that, yes, l do have problems with my hearing. I also have long and short sightedness.  None of it stops me enjoying my life.

So, l want to learn to sew, start making art out of rubbish, want another dog and yearn to travel. Overseas travel is out so l’m planning some very local trips this summer. Too many things to do and not enough money. Don’t worry, l’m going to work through the list and save for each one.

Welcome to my world.

3 thoughts on “Why l love life

      1. The combo of everything- acting, singing, dancing. Adding song and dance to a plot makes it easier to emotionally connect to the characters and plot. Then all the spectacle is even more delightful. The full scope of emotions- that is super hard to describe. Just the combo really. Like I said can’t really describe


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